“Kazdorproject” company is a State Design Institute, that was established in 1956. Government of Kazakhstan appointed it as a leading organization in the engineering and design roads in 1970. “Kazdorproject” Institute was reforned as “Kazdorproject” JSC in 1994, and it became “Kazdorproject” LLP in 2006.

“Kazdorproject” LLP employs high-skilled specialists with broad work experience, and has got appropriate material and technical basis, including modern computer center, due to that, company team can carry out projects with high quality on time.

There is broad information about innovative methods of design and exploration work, quality control services and reconstructions different objects, “know-how” in construction technologies and maintenance of motor roads. Also company has got large data base of roads technical conditions, catalogues of local road-building“ Kazdorproject” LLP materials with their main physical and mechanical performance indicators and employment in road and bridge construction. There are also portfolios of advanced road structures which are made partially of local materials and different industrial remains.


“Kazdorproject” LLP won the international award for innovations, technologies and management in Geneva in 2002.

Company’s specialists master knowledge of international methods, specifications and standards for motor roads design. Quality control and testing of road-building materials and services comply with the US standards AASHTO, ASTM.

“Kazdorproject” LLP specialists were assigned by the Asian Development Bank to participate in the development standards for design and construction motor roads in Central Asia.

Specialists of the “Kazdorproject” LLP were first among CIS road design organizations to study a special training in the US, which was based on the American Governmental SABIT program to learn the experience of privatized design and consulting companies in free service market conditions.

Company’s specialists also have passed training about “Modern management based on TQM, ISO-9000. Developing and implementing of quality management system”.

Also, company has received a certificate confirming enough facilities to produce output and compliance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.



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